Is Denver Really the Worst City in America to Raise a Family? Study Says So

By Shawn Patrick on January 10, 2023
Photo By Eduardo Sanz/Europa Press via Getty Images

For the first time in forever more people moved out of Colorado than into the state in 2022. Maybe this is part of the reason for it?

Denver was ranked as the nation’s worst city to raise a family, according to a Schoolaroo report.

Schoolaroo sought to determine which American cities were among the best places to raise a family. Considering factors falling into seven categories – safety, health, finance, education, recreation, quality of life, and home atmosphere – the website compared 151 American cities, assigning an overall rank to each.

Denver ranked dead last at #151.

The city ranked poorly when it came to the ‘leisure’ category, which considered factors like number of restaurants, museums, and recreation areas. It also performed poorly in categories of ‘local healthcare’ and ‘home atmosphere’. In terms of ‘home atmosphere’, Denver ranked 149th of 151 spots, with this category including factors like alcoholism and divorce rates.

Colorado Springs and Aurora ranked among the better half of American spots, 26th and 68th, respectively.

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