Injured rodeo rider in the National Western Stock Show released from hospital

By Brian Michel on January 26, 2024

After a week in a local hospital, 19-year-old bareback riding cowboy Austin Broderson is now preparing to return to his native Canada, where he will receive ongoing rehabilitation under the care of Canadian healthcare professionals. Broderson was seriously injured while riding during the National Western Stock Show.


As reported by Sports Illustrated, upon entering the arena, it became evident that Broderson’s bareback rigging had begun to slip. This rigging, similar to that of a suitcase handle attached to a strap, is positioned atop the horse’s withers and secured with a cinch, ensuring the rider’s stability.

Unexpectedly, Broderson found himself beneath his horse, still connected to the rigging. The horse persisted in galloping and bucking while Broderson remained beneath.

As stated in Broderson’s GoFundMe account, his incident has been characterized as “the most severe bareback riding accident in recent memory at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.”

Following the incident, Broderson received immediate medical attention at Denver Health, where he was classified as being in a serious condition.

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