How Much Money is Oliver Anthony Making Off of His Viral Hit, ‘Rich Men North of Richmond?’

By Shawn Patrick on August 23, 2023
Oliver Anthony Music

In just a couple weeks Oliver Anthony has become a household name thinks to his viral hit, Rich Men North of Richmond. Stories have emerged about him even turning down millions of dollars from record executives looking to sign him to deals, but he’s still doing alright… 

The song has nearly 35 million views on YouTube alone, not to mention all the plays it has on the streaming services and radio stations around the country. 

Mikael Wood a Los Angeles Times pop music critic says that after his song “topped the iTunes chart” and “Spotify‚Äôs U.S. Top 50,” Anthony was “raking in an estimated $40,000 a day from sales and streams of his music, according to the trade journal Hits.”

Last week, Anthony claims to have turned down $8 million offers from “people in the music industry.”

I’d say he’ll be alright financially anyway… 

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