How Long Will The Lines Be When Colorado’s Casa Bonita Reopens in May?

By Shawn Patrick on December 28, 2022
Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We finally know when Denver’s most legendary Mexican restaurant, Casa Bonita, will reopen! The new owners, the same guys who created the TV show, South Park, announced that the restaurant will reopen in May of 2023. Now the real question is how long will you wait to get in?

I remember going to Casa Bonita as a kid, before the food went way downhill, and all the mold grew on the walls. Back then, you’d wait quite awhile to get in. Although I cannot remember exactly how long, I do know it seemed like forever, especially compared to the more recent times I went, where you could just walk in, grab your tray, the funky-tasting enchiladas, and watch the cliff-divers.

You know what they say, though… People want what they can’t have, and people haven’t been able to have Casa Bonita for years now. Mix that with the hype of the new ownership, the new executive chef, and the remodel, and I’m going to guess that the lines at Casa Bonita, for at least the first few months, will make the lines we saw during the grand openings at Colorado’s new In-N-Out Burger spots look small.

My guess, there will be crazies who campout to get in first, but normal folks will be looking at two and three hour waits to get in come May… At least it should be warmer by then!

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