HGTV is Looking for Denver Homeowners for a Renovation TV Show

By Shawn Patrick on March 23, 2023
Photo by DARLENE PFISTER/Star Tribune via Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to be on TV and/or your home renovations have gone bad or you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with your contractor, HGTV could be able to help you out!

The HGTV television series “Rico to the Rescue” is seeking Colorado homeowners for its upcoming season.

“Rico to the Rescue” follows Denver-based realtor and renovation rescuer Rico León and his team as they turn these construction nightmares into dream homes.

The show seeks to help resolve any conflicts between homeowners and home builders and get the renovation back on track. The show can even offer some financial and material support to homeowners.

HGTV has renewed the show for season 2, picking up eight new episodes to be shot in the greater Denver area. The new season is slated to air in 2024.

To apply, or to nominate a family, homeowners can visit

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