Here’s How Much Money You Need to Make to Rent a One-Bedroom Place in Denver These Days

By Shawn Patrick on September 28, 2022
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

We all know it ain’t cheap to do anything these days, but just finding a place to live is darn near impossible it seems like these days, and here’s more proof…

A United Way report took a look at how much residents of each state need to make in order to afford a local one-bedroom rental.

The annual household income needed to afford a one-bedroom rental in Colorado is $46,148, but it gets worse if you want to live in the big city… in Denver, a household must make $52,160 annually to afford a one-bedroom.

California was the state where the highest annual income was needed to afford a one-bedroom rental at $64,615. Arkansas is where you need the least at $24,587.

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