Greeley Hat Works Makes Your Hat Fit Perfectly Thanks to an Antique Tool Called the Conformateur

By Shawn Patrick on August 24, 2023
Greeley Hat Works

Greeley Hat Works has forged a rich history, not just in Colorado, but around the world, thanks to their fine hat-making and commitment to customers, from ranchers and rodeo queens to presidents, rockers, and movie stars. Like any great product or business, to last over 100 years like Greeley Hat Work has, it also takes some of the best tools of the trade to keep what you produce top-notch. 

However, not every tool in every industry has to evolve with time and technology… Enter one of the key tools to making the hats at Greeley Hat Works great, the antique Conformateur.

I am not hear to teach you how to pronounce things, so don’t worry about that part. Let’s talk about magic that this tool does. Simply put, the Conformateur, is a French tool used to measure the head size and shape of a person’s head, so that a custom-made hat can be built to fit the head by a hat-maker. In other words, when you put on this thing that looks like a prop from a Frankenstein movie, it lines up a series of pins that create a punched card with a top-down outline of your head. The crew at Greeley Hat Works then uses the info created from the tool invented in the 1840’s to make your hat fit perfectly to your heads specific size and shape. 

Keep in mind most other hat shops are made elsewhere so they are stock sizes and shapes that will never fit YOUR head right. If you’re serious about hats and want the perfect fit, you have to go see Trent Johnson and his entire team at Greeley Hat Works! 

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