Good Samaritans Stop Kidnapping In Colorado Walmart

By Shawn Patrick on February 13, 2023
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A shopping trip turned into a scary experience for a family in Colorado last Thursday afternoon. A woman allegedly tried to kidnap a child from a Walmart in Alamosa, but a group of good Samaritans put a stop to it.

Bystanders watched as Kimberli Jones reportedly snatched a “young child” from the shopping cart inside the store. But they didn’t let her get away with it, instead they restrained her until the police arrived. The child wasn’t hurt in the ordeal and was reunited safely with their parents.

But things didn’t turn out so good for Jones, who was charged with kidnapping, felony menacing, child abuse and disorderly contact. “The Alamosa Police Department would like to thank the brave citizens, Wal-Mart Staff and the community for the quick response and for being alert,” the department writes in a Facebook post.

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