Giant Pig Found Roaming the Denver Area For Days is Looking For His Owners

By Shawn Patrick on October 5, 2023
photo by: Godong/ Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Seeing pigs around Denver is not a rare occurrence, but random pigs just wandering the city is certainly not normal. A pig, affectionately named “Fred” by his current caregivers got to live out that adventure in Aurora the last few days, though! 

Fred had been seen on the streets of Aurora for a few days before animal control officers were able to capture him. He is estimated to weigh between 400-600 pounds, but it’s tough to say because the Aurora Animal Shelter, where he’s currently residing, doesn’t have a scale capable of measuring that weight.

The city thinks Fred may have been intentionally abandoned, but if he happens to be yours, you now know where to find him. f nobody comes forward to claim Fred, he may go to a livestock rescue to live out the rest of his days. 

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