Feeling old yet? These movies just turned 20 years old!

By Big Mic on January 18, 2024

We are speeding through 2024 and if you’re not feeling old yet, how about we check out these 2004 movies that just turned 20 years old!  

2004 was a big year with over 20 films bringing in over $100 million, but out of all of those films, here are the top 5!  (Several different sites have different stats so we’ll stick with The Numbers

Shrek 2 

After the first movie made almost $500 million at the box office, a sequel was definitely in the books and once again it came out on top dominating the box office 20 years ago!  Featuring the voices of superstars such as Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz, the movie remains a classic to this day! 

Spider-Man 2

Sequels were hot in 2004 with the 2nd biggest movie being Spider-Man 2!  Years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over movie theaters, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man dominated the box office and in this film takes on Dr. Octopus!  


The Passion of the Christ

This film was produced, directed, and co-written by Mel Gibson and after grossing over $370 million in the U.S became his highest-grossing film to date as director.  


The Incredibles

While sequels were big in 2004, it took over 14 years for Disney/Pixar to release a sequel to this movie, The Incredibles, which went on to win Best Animated Feature at the 77th Academy Awards! 


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This would be the third flick in the Harry Potter film series and is often praised as one of the best movies in the franchise but ended up having one of the lower worldwide box offices.  


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