Famous sideshow entertainer with full-body tattoo has moved to Denver

By Shawn Patrick on February 2, 2024

When you have a full-body jigsaw puzzle tattoo, horns implanted into your head, reshaped ears, and a ton of piercings, you’re going to standout a bit. So if you see a guy around Denver that matches that description, he’s not visiting, he actually lives here now. 

Known professionally as “The Enigma,” the famous sideshow performer, actor, and musician actually holds a Guinness World Record for the most jigsaw-puzzle-piece tattoos on the planet, with a total of 2,123.

Last summer he moved to Denver and is currently a tattoo artist at Freakys on East Colfax

He was recently interviewed about why he chose Denver and what he’s doing here by Westword. An interesting read if you have some time. Check it out here. 

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