Dog poop caused quite a commotion on a flight out of Denver recently

By Shawn Patrick on February 7, 2024

Have you ever been on a flight with someone who stunk? It’s the worst. Unfortunately for some folks flying out of Denver International Airport recently, they experienced something even worse… 

During a flight from Denver to Portland on Monday night, a woman sitting in an aisle seat toward the back of the plane had quite a mess on her hands after her chihuahua relieved himself all over her lap about an hour before the flight landed. Feces was also all over the seats and the floor.

Passengers were reportedly not happy at flight attendants who, eyewitnesses told said, took them 10 minutes to come over and address the concern.

In the end, the dog poop was cleaned up by the flight attendants, and an emergency landing was not made.

Unhappy passengers in the immediate area were offered vouchers worth $50-$75 from their airline who released a statement on the incident to TMZ.

So, if you’re traveling and it doesn’t go quite right, just remember this story and know it could always be worse. 

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