Did You Know There’s a Blindfolded Dining Experience In Denver?

By Shawn Patrick on April 12, 2023
Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

As the world’s pickiest eater, I am going to pass on any sort of “adventurous dining experiences,” but if you’re feeling a little more brave when it comes to your palate this unique event in Denver may be for you!

A ‘Dining In The Dark’ event is coming to Roots in Denver. Inside the restaurant, diners will blanketed in darkness and served a three-course meal with flavors and textures that are intensified by your remaining senses. Similar experiences have been backed by psychologists as an ‘amplified’ way to enjoy food.

The menu has three options, vegetarian, meat, and seafood, each of which includes three courses.

Tickets for the April 25th event can be purchased here and start at $80 per person.

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