Did you know the famous gator from ‘Happy Gilmore’ now lives in Colorado?

By Shawn Patrick on February 13, 2024

With  he recent passing of the great actor, Carl Weathers, his movies have been top of mind a bit more than usual lately, and that reminded me that one of his co-stars in Happy Gilmore is a Colorado resident. 

No, not Adam Sandler, but instead the alligator that ate the hand of Weathers’ character, Chubbs, in the movie. 

Going by the name of Morris, the American Alligator/movie star resides at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, which is located about 16 miles north of Alamosa. According to a recent article from RoadTrippers, Morris was in the movie industry for 30 years prior to moving to the reptile rescue. 

Morris, who also played a role in Doctor Doolittle II and Interview with a Vampire, is one of the largest gators at the park, measuring more than 10 feet long and weighing about 500 pounds, according to a Colorado Life Magazine piece.

Morris has call the rescue facility home since 2006.

Colorado Gators Reptile Park is open nearly every day of the year from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and costs $25 for an adult visit. Plan your visit here.


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