Did You Know That Viral Indian Hills Sign Is Actually in Colorado?

By Shawn Patrick on April 4, 2023
Indian Hills Community Sign

If you’re on social media you, like me, have probably seen hundreds or even thousands of pictures of a roadside street sign that says “Indian Hills” at the top of it. The sign displays jokes. puns, and sometimes even a little info, but after all these years of seeing it I had no idea that it’s in Colorado!

The Indian Hills Community Center sign is in Bayfield, Colorado, which is near Durango. It’s about a six hour drive from Denver.

It’s the brainchild of Vince Rozmiarek, a local resident who decided to take it upon himself to switch up the status quo while working as a volunteer for the Indian Hills Community Center over 10 years ago.

Now the page has over 162,000 followers on Facebook alone. 

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