Did You Know Denver Has a Top Golf-Style Basketball Facility

By Shawn Patrick on June 7, 2023
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Even if you’re not into sports, you’ve likely gone to play Top Golf and enjoyed yourself, right? It’s more of a social event with food and drinks than an actual sport. While with all the buzz around basketball in Denver right now, did you know there is a Top Golf-type place dedicated to basketball in the Mile High City?

The Basketball Social House is not just a basketball facility, it’s a high-end fun and social experience. This unique sports and entertainment venue features custom courts, private suites, and digital games, plus a gourmet kitchen, full bar and drinkery, and upscale social lounge.

You have the ability to rent a court, rent a private suite, develop your basketball skills, workout, play in a league, or compete in a tournament. There is something for all ages and all skill levels.

The 21,000 square foot facility is located at 7450 S. University Blvd., Suite 200 in Centennial.

Learn more about it here. 

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