Did Jets Coach Robert Saleh Really Tell Denver Broncos Coach Sean Payton, ‘Stay Humble’

By Shawn Patrick on October 9, 2023
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Everyone in Denver knows the story… Sean Payton was critical of Nathaniel Hackett, the former Broncos head coach who now serves as the Jets offensive coordinator, during the offseason. Hackett and the Jets used the comments as fuel to beat a really bad Broncos team yesterday. But did some of that hostility carry over into the handshake between the Jets head coach Robert Saleh and Payton? 

A viral Tweet suggests that Saleh says “Stay humble,” as he shakes Payton’s hand after the game… 

The Tweet is convincing, and makes sense when it comes to the storyline, but a hot mic actually caught Saleh saying “Stay healthy,” not humble… 

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