DIA listed as “Editors Pick” in top 10 of US airports with best restaurants

By Big Mic on May 1, 2023
(Photo by: Marli Miller/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

While Denver International Airport didn’t technically make it into the Top 10 of Food & Wine’s Global Tastemakers readers choice award for best U.S. Airports for Food in 2023, the editors felt it was important to include them as their “Editors Pick!”  Highlighting that while you wait at the airport for ever prevalent delays, you can “cry over a burrito at Cantina Grill, grab some jerkey from a stand alone kiosk, or reward yourself with a treat from Voodoo Doughut” (might we add the great eats at Denver Chophouse, Elway’s and Mesa Verde Bar & Grill).

Those that did make the top 10 include Nashville International Airport (#8 with some great BBQ options), Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport (#4 with their Cajun cuisine) and at #1 San Francisco International Airport with their many great options including their Asian cuisine.

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