Colorado home to most despised roads in America

By Elizabeth Weiler on December 21, 2023
most despised roads
BOULDER, CO – SEPTEMBER 09: Cars drive along Highway 36 during an early season snow storm on September 9, 2020 in Boulder, Colorado. The storm brought more than five inches of snow to areas along Colorado’s front range, but temperatures are expected to return to the 80s this weekend, according to the National Weather Service. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

Denver, CO — Between snowy days, snow melt potholes, and trips to the mountains, there is plenty of reason to rank two Colorado highways some of the most despised roads in America.

One study from Volvo collected answers rom 3,000 drivers. The question asked? What is the most loathed roads to drive on across America?

The top three despised roads in America were understandably located in California. Next interstate 76 in PA and in fifth place, interstate 70 (I-70) in Colorado. 

With I-70 coming in fifth out of 100, local drivers likely know why. For those who have never experienced the interstate route, Volvo explains it well. 

“it is known for traffic jams and can be especially challenging during ski season and inclement weather,” wrote Volvo. “Colorado’s I-70 isn’t your average interstate; it’s a pivotal conduit that slices through the state’s iconic Rocky Mountains, presenting a unique set of challenges for drivers.”

Further, I-70’s reputation goes beyond traffic jams. Between Denver and popular ski destinations the road “becomes a bottleneck of adventure-seekers during ski season, transforming the highway into a slow-moving procession of brake lights that can extend for miles.”

Finally, Volvo reminds readers of The Eisenhower Tunnel. One of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world that will often close during heavy snowstorms for safety. 

Coming in at thirty-ninth place of most despised roads is Colorado’s is I-25, especially in the Denver area. Its’ high ranking is due to heavy traffic, congestion, and roadwork-related delays. 

Is your car safe and legal for I-70 this weekend?

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