Denver’s MLK Day Marade goes on despite frigid conditions

By Jim Lawson on January 14, 2024
Photo by Matt McClain/Getty Images)

Denver’s MLK Day Marade goes on despite frigid conditions.

Despite the frigid weather on Monday, Denver’s annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will proceed as planned. However, organizers are advising attendees to be prepared for the cold and have made some minor adjustments to the event. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission has confirmed that preparations for the 2024 Marade are still underway. With temperatures expected to reach single digits, organizers have issued a cold weather advisory for the event. In light of these conditions, the Commission is discouraging seniors, small children, and individuals with health issues from attending. To minimize exposure time, programs have been shortened, and there will be a 30-minute delay to the start of the event. The program at City Park will now commence at 10 a.m., followed by the Marade along East Colfax Avenue, concluding at Civic Center Park. Attendees are strongly advised to come well-prepared for the extreme cold weather conditions.

Updates on the Marade will be provided on the Commission’s website and Facebook page.


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