Denver’s Casa Bonita is Hiring Someone to Wear the Iconic Gorilla Suit – How Much Does it Pay?

By Shawn Patrick on January 22, 2024
(Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The only thing more iconic than the cliff divers and the sopapillas at Denver’s Casa Bonita might be the gorilla, IYKYK… 

Well, Casa Bonita is currently hiring for “Entertainment Physical Performers: Dance, Clown, Character Suit, etc.” To me that means the guy/girl who wears the gorilla suit, right? 

The job posting says, “Casa Bonita is seeking experienced physical performers for their stage shows and immersive character roles. Applicants should be comfortable with improvisation, theatrical movement, and audience interactions. These performers should be able to convey emotion and storytelling through their eyes and body language to curate unique and charismatic guest experiences.” 

What I really wanted to know though is how much does the famous Casa Bonita gorilla make… Thanks to this job posting we now know it’s $23-$25 an hour. On the upper end, if you worked full-time, that would be $52,000 a year!! 

Who’s ready to be the gorilla?! Apply here. 

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