Denver’s Blucifer Gets a New Paint Job, and His Veins Are Almost As Scary As His Eyes

By Shawn Patrick on September 22, 2023

Every time you’re going to, or coming from Denver International Airport you’re greeted by the big blue horse with scary red eyes that we affectionately refer to as Blucifer. This wee the iconic horse got a washing and a new paint job, and I noticed something else that’s a little scary about him… 

We all know about the evil looking mane, the sinister red eyes, and the mean mug on Blucifer, but he also has some gnarly-looking veins! I am not sure if the veins are part of the new paint job or if they’ve always been there, but they just add an extra element of spook to the already demonic-looking statue. 

Mustang, the sculptureā€™s official name,  has a pretty gruesome past too… In 1996, a piece of the sculpture fell on top of the artist, Luis Jimenez, killing him.

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