Denver Police Help Homeless Man & 6-Year-Old Son Find A Home

By Shawn Patrick on October 18, 2023
Photo by Carsten Rehder/picture alliance via Getty Images

After a few rough years, former renowned chef Dwayne Rhodes and his six-year-old son Kai are piecing their life back together, thanks to help they received from the Denver Police Department (DPD).

During the pandemic, Rhodes’ award-winning restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was forced to shut down. Along with his wife and Kai, Rhodes attempted to travel back to the U.S., but they weren’t able to cross the border for nearly three years.

Then in February of this year, Rhodes and Kai were permitted to enter the U.S., but there was a problem with Rhodes’ wife’s Spanish passport, so she had to remain in Mexico. The father and son made their way from the border to Colorado, where Rhodes had grown up, but they were homeless and had no money. Out of desperation, he turned to the DPD for help.

The DPD immediately provided them with essentials, placed them in a motel, and connected them with an outreach case coordinator, who extended their motel stay while helping Rhodes search for permanent housing.

With the support of the outreach team, Rhodes has now secured a job as an executive chef and he can easily take Kai to school, go to work, and provide meals for his son. Despite the ongoing challenge of reuniting with his wife, Rhodes is grateful for the progress he has made and the help he’s received to get there.

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