Denver Nuggets’ Rocky is the Highest Paid Mascot in the NBA – Here’s How Much He Makes

By Shawn Patrick on February 15, 2024

Although the Denver Nuggets are riding high as first time NBA champs, growing up in Colorado I have seen my fair share of Nuggets teams that were beyond awful. However, during those hard-to-watch seasons it was always still fun to go to Ball Arena (or Pepsi Center, or even McNichols Arena) because the team also has the most entertaining mascot in all of pro sports, Rocky.

You could make the argument that the Nuggets’ famous mountain lion is worth more than some of the players, and his paycheck is reflective of that! An infographic shared to the “I’m From Denver” Facebook page shows Rocky as the highest paid mascot in the NBA at $625,000 a year.

Harry the Hawk from the Atlanta Hawks was second on the list, followed by Benny from the Chicago Bulls, Go, the Phoenix Suns gorilla, and Hugo from the Charlotte Hornets.

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