Denver Nuggets Coach Michael Malone Now Has a Nuggets Tattoo

By Shawn Patrick on June 20, 2023
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The most colorful player in this whole Denver Nuggets Championship celebration may not have been a player at all. Head Coach Michael Malone has certainly added to fun around the Nuggets first title, and it all just got even better!

The Nuggets skipper now has permanent ink to commemorate the feat.

Tattoo artist Mike Diaz at Triple W Tattoos LLC posted a picture with Malone and his new ink with the caption “Oh nothing, just finished tattooing coach Michael Malone.”

I just have to wonder, in a business with a lot of turnaround, what happens if/when Malone goes to coach a different team… AWKWARD!!!

Here’s a pic of the new tattoo…

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