Denver Now Has a Soup Vending Machines

By Shawn Patrick on September 29, 2023
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for the New York Culinary Experience

Soup in a vending machine is not a new concept, you could get Cup O’Noodles for years, but you were responsible for the hot water. Now there are vending machines in Denver that produce already made, ready to eat, hot soup… 

Yo-Kai Express is attempting to revolutionize the self-service meal industry nationwide. They create machines that can be open 24 hours a day and produce a variety of noodle and rice dishes in just minutes. 
So far, there are five Yo-Kai machines in Colorado, including two in casinos in Black Hawk. 

The machines are exactly what you’d expect… A touchscreen with menu items, you pick what you want, pay, and a few minutes later a hot meal appears from the machine. 

Remember when the ability to have any restaurant delivered to your door sounded weird, and then Door Dash and GrubHub blew up? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is similar. Weird now, but soon everyone will be eating soup, pizza, and who knows what else straight from a machine! 

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