Denver not so hot with the E-Scooters tying record for crashes

By Brian Michel on January 24, 2024
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Denver is on the books in 2023 for a dreadful stat – tying the record for most E-Scooter crashes.

After crashes peaked in 2022, hope would be that corrections would be made to ensure safer streets and sidewalks, but that was not the case. The Denver Police Department reported that the electric scooter were part of 64 crashes – just like the number from 2022. 

Even more troubling is the report of Denver Health acknowledging 1,449 patient encounters caused by scooter injuries. At a clip of 4 injuries per day throughout the year, it suggests that the scooters are involved in more accidents than even the police are reporting.

In an article posted to Westword, it mentions scooter provider, Lime’s spokesperson declined to give updated accident data.

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