Denver Landscaping Company Steps Up To Help Disabled Vet After Scam

By Shawn Patrick on September 27, 2022
Photo by Henri-Alain SEGALEN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Disabled veteran John Frank was featured on local Denver news after an unscrupulous landscaper took nearly $5-thousand from him to redo his yard and then disappeared with the money. The news station asked any landscapers who wanted to donate services to Frank to reach out to them.

Hector Alderete, owner of Neighborhood Lawn Care, happened to catch the story and wanted to help. “It came on. I was like, ‘oh no we’re going to do something about it,’” Alderete recalls. He told his employees about the job and they volunteered to help Frank out. The crew removed tree stumps, leveled the ground, installed landscape fabric, and laid 50 tons of rock, creating a low-maintenance yard perfect for a disabled homeowner. They’ve even committed to returning to the property in a few months to spruce it up.

In the end, Hector and his crew did around a $17-thousand job completely free of charge. But Hector claims it’s not about the money. “It was more about his story,” he says. “It just touched my heart and I felt like doing it.” Frank also got emotional thinking about the generous gift from Hector and his workers and says their kindness has restored “hope that good things can happen.”

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