Denver is One of the Most Polite Cities in America

By Shawn Patrick on September 6, 2022
Photo by Donall Farmer/PA Images via Getty Images

The other day I was on I-25 and after I watched one guy flip off another because he was going too slow, and then watched a motorcycle go through the middle of a traffic jam at 50 or 60 MPH, I thought to myself, “man, people in this city sure are rude lately!!” However, if you think people in Denver are rude, try spending some time in Philadelphia…

There’s a new study out, which looked into the rudest cities in America . . . but they DIDN’T ask travelers . . . instead, they surveyed 1,500 residents of the 30 largest metro areas in the U.S. and asked them about the rudeness level in THEIR OWN CITY.

In the end, the rudest city, according to its own residents, is: Philadelphia.

On the contrary, Denver made the top 10 most polite list. Austin is the most POLITE city in America. San Diego is next, followed by Fort Worth, Texas . . . Nashville . . . Indianapolis . . . Chicago . . . Columbus, Ohio . . . Oklahoma City . . . Milwaukee . . . and Denver came in at number 10.

See the full study here. 

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