Denver International Airport Adding Travel Assistants to ‘Hold Your Hand’ Through the Entire Airport Process

By Shawn Patrick on September 19, 2023
Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

I must admit, when Denver International Airport introduced a new system that allowed travelers to make reservations to get through TSA, I was a hater. Turns out that system works really well, and I was very wrong. So, as I hate on the airport’s newest plan, I keep in mind that I may once again be wrong… 

DIA announced the new ‘DEN Travel Assist’ program, at a price of $99, that includes a tag-a-long airport assistant.

Benefits include getting met by a SkySquad employee, who specializes in “elevating” the airport experience. Services include assistance with bookings and check-ins, carrying bags, access to priority TSA lines, support through security, navigational help around the airport, and assistance in watching belongings once at the gate.

I guess I would understand this more if the assistant did everything for you and all you had to do was show up at your gate and get on your flight, but that isn’t the case… You still have to do everything, there’s just someone “holding you hand” while you do it. 

If you’re less of a hater than me, you can book the service on the SkySquad website, starting on September 19.

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