Denver in the Top 10 Cities people are moving from in 2023

By Big Mic on April 24, 2023
Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

According to, Denver ranks in the top 10 cities in the country which people are moving from so far in 2023.  Now before you get excited about our highways becoming less congested, this is a only a net outflow of 4,200 people which is nowhere near the likes of the top 3 cities (San Francisco, New York & Los Angeles) which all are over 20,000.  Also these #’s are only a sample of those searching for homes and doesn’t equate for rental data.

On the opposite side of the housing spectrum, the top areas people are moving to include Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tampa and Orlando.

One possible benefit of people moving out of the state (as well as increased interest rates and other economic woes) is the price of purchasing a home has been dropping with a 34.7% drop year over year in homes sold over list price and a 17.1% increase in homes with price drops.


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