Denver could see its biggest snowstorm in years this week

By Shawn Patrick on March 11, 2024

Now that the clocks have changed for the season, I was mentally in spring-mode, but winter is going to rear its head, possibly bigtime, this week ion Denver. 

Our friends at 9News say, “Denver could see its biggest snowstorm in years this week.” 

European forecasting model has 90% odds of 6 inches or more of snow in Denver Wednesday to Friday. The GFS forecasting model predicts 90% odds for more than a foot of snow in Denver.

“[It’s] looking more and more likely that the majority of the Denver metro area is in for a major 10”+ snowstorm Wednesday/Thursday,” Bianchi said.

Different models do show Denver seeing a lot less snow, so as always with weather in Colorado, anything is possible at this point, but beware that this one truly does have a chance to be a big one! 


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