Cross a Solid White Line on a Colorado Toll Road, and Get a Ticket (Even if a Cop Isn’t Around)

By Shawn Patrick on August 30, 2023
Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

I have a decent commute to and from the radio station everyday, and almost all my miles are on a highway that has a toll lane. It’s crazy how often people cross the solid white lines to and from those toll lanes. That, of course, is illegal, but soon it’ll cost you for doing it too. 

Starting Sept. 1, drivers who weave across the solid white lines and break express lane rules on certain highways will receive a warning, but that’s only for a month before they’ll hit you in the wallet! 

Roadway technology will track drivers on C-470 from Interstate 25 to Wadsworth Boulevard and I-25 from U.S. 36 to E-470. For the first 30 days, if you are caught weaving between the solid lines, a written warning will be sent to your registered address. Starting on Oct. 1, the warning period is over. From then on, drivers who violate the law will receive a $75 fine, which doubles if you don’t pay it within 20 days.

Even if you are sitting in traffic and you cross over the solid lines into the express lanes or try getting around another vehicle in the express lane, you will be cited.

The software was tested out earlier this summer in the I-70 Mountain Express Lane corridor where over 13,000 drivers were caught in the first two months. If you’ve already received a warning on I-70, the grace period no longer stands, and you will receive a civil penalty starting in September.

CDOT plans on activating this technology on all Colorado express lanes, including the Central 70 express lanes and the I-25 South Gap express lanes.

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