Cousin Eddie’s House from ‘Vacation’ is in Colorado, but Don’t Go Because a Crazy Guy Lives There

By Shawn Patrick on August 1, 2023
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

I LOVE the National Lampoon’s Vacation’ movies, but even I had no idea that Cousin Eddie’s house from the movie is in Colorado. 

The house is in Boone, Colorado, which is a little more than 20 miles east of Pueblo. 

But if you thought Cousin Eddie was crazy, you should see the guy who lives in the house for real now.

A pair of YouTubers tried to check out the house in Boone, Colorado, and the dude was NOT having it.  He told them the movie sucks, and they need to GROW UP.  And he wouldn’t let them film on the property.

The guy was pretty sketchy and a little scary.  One of the YouTubers said he was making no sense, and appeared to be HIGH.

So they drove down the road a bit and filmed the house from the road, and the guy got in his truck, and drove up and started yelling at them.  He said they couldn’t film, even from down the street.  He also threatened to call the cops.

The YouTubers then drove a few miles away and pulled into the gravel parking lot of a small fruit stand that wasn’t open.  And while they were standing there, another guy in a blue car drove by them a couple times. They think maybe the homeowner called someone else to follow them.  Ultimately, they made the wise decision to just leave the area. 

The moral of the story:  Don’t go to Cousin Eddie’s house.

Check out the video here.  Skip ahead to the 14-minute mark.

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