Could chicken roping be Colorado’s next entertainment fad like axe throwing?

By Shawn Patrick on February 8, 2024

You could name a bunch of things that are “entertainment,” bowling, pool, darts, rage rooms, axe throwing, etc. But if you wanted to be on the cutting edge of the next big fad, what would it be? Maybe chicken roping?!

I stumbled on an article from our neighbors to the north in Wyoming about a new bill that would help businesses that specialize in entertainment like axe throwing and golf simulators get liquor licenses. But they also mentioned businesses that hosted chicken roping… So I had to research more.

Turns out it’s not only a thing in Wyoming, but there’s a full-on circuit of chicken ropers. The sport itself is basically the same as team roping that you’d see at a traditional rodeo. You have a “header,” who ropes the chickens head, and a “healer,” that ropes the chickens legs. Fastest team to do it, wins.

So, could chicken roping become a thing in Colorado? Why not? Who’s going to be the first to open a chicken roping bar, because I’ll be first in line to come try it out.

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