Plumbline’s Christmas On Us

Plumbline Services received over 525 amazing nominations and they are excited to share the 10 recipients for the Christmas On Us program!

As the holiday season fills the air with hope and cheer, Plumbline Services is delighted to announce the 10 exceptional recipients of this year’s “Christmas On Us” program! These remarkable individuals, chosen from over 525 nominations, have woven stories of resilience, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to their communities. Their acts of extraordinary courage and quiet gestures of kindness have touched countless lives, exemplifying the true spirit of Christmas. Join us in celebrating these inspiring individuals, as we honor their profound impact on the world around them.

Jessika D
Jessika is an amazing daughter, sister, mother, and employee who goes above and beyond to help her family and her community. Despite a year filled with personal challenges, she continues to care for her sick parents, disabled brother, and children, all while working tirelessly and volunteering to support others. She is a true inspiration and deserves to be recognized for her selfless spirit and dedication.

Brandon W
Brandon dedicates herself to enhancing educational opportunities for students in the community, going beyond her responsibilities to create an environment where everyone has access to resources and support. She has pioneered programs to reduce youth violence and is a role model, mentor, and confidante to students, often using her own resources to ensure their success.

Renee C
This family is a very deserving nominee: David and Renee are both hardworking individuals who give back to their community despite facing financial hardship. Renee even saved a friend’s life by donating a live liver, demonstrating their selfless and caring nature.

Justin J
This family of 5 is struggling financially as the husband cares for his sick wife and homeschools their youngest son. They give back to the community by helping neighbors with food and information on free Thanksgiving dinners and they also recently provided their son’s teachers with information on a grant.

Julia V
Julia is a kind and generous person who goes above and beyond to help others. She is a dedicated “lunch lady” at school and organizes community initiatives like Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas baskets. Her family is always ready to lend a helping hand, making them true pillars of the Arvada community.

Julia W
Julia and her son created a non-profit organization during COVID-19 to provide vital resources to their community. They volunteer full-time, dedicating their time, finances, and other resources to help families facing economic hardship. Despite being a single mom herself, Julia never asks for help, demonstrating her selflessness and commitment to improving the lives of others.

Lisa S
Lisa and her husband are incredibly selfless parents caring for their daughter Lilly, who is battling childhood leukemia. Despite facing financial strain due to Lisa leaving work to be Lilly’s full-time caregiver, they find ways to give back to the pediatric cancer community, baking cookies for patients and offering support to other families. Their unwavering positivity and dedication to helping others are truly inspiring.

Joe P
Despite being new at Colorado STEM Academy, Joe generously donated $500 to his nominator’s family after they lost their home in a fire. He further surprised the family’s children with a brand new PS5, demonstrating his exceptional kindness and compassion. Although he initially wanted to remain anonymous, his nominator believes Joe deserves recognition for his selfless acts and genuine care for strangers. This nomination highlights the incredible impact of Joe’s generosity and encourages him to continue sharing his kindness.

Jessica H
Jessica is a remarkable woman who has faced immense challenges, including breast cancer, with strength and compassion. She is a dedicated nurse who treats her patients like family, and she always puts others before herself. Despite financial hardship due to her illness, she continues to spread positivity and support others. Jessica’s resilience and kindness make her truly deserving of recognition and support.

Chris V
Chris was nominated by his co-worker for his dedication to helping the homeless. Chris uses his tips and lunch money to buy wings for the homeless and donates his entire paycheck to support them. He also collects essential items like gloves, blankets, and tents, and started a donation box at the restaurant. Chris even pays for a homeless person’s haircut weekly. He’s a hard worker and kind-hearted individual who has been helping the homeless since he started working there.

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