Colorado’s Newest Whataburger Will Be the Closest to Denver Yet

By Shawn Patrick on November 6, 2023
Photo by Epics/Getty Images

There are currently five Whataburger locations in Colorado, all of which are in Colorado Springs. We’re told they’ll eventually make their way into Denver, and they are about to be much closer… 

Whataburger will be opening a location in Monument in 2024! 

The restaurant will be south of Highway 105 and west of Jackson Creek Parkway. A groundbreaking is scheduled to take place this Wednesday (Nov. 8th). 

“Located at 17889 Fat Tire Dr and scheduled to open in 2024, (the new location) will include a spacious outdoor dining area, complete with a lush turf yard, primed for hosting various events, including live music and community gatherings,” part of a news release reads. “The exterior will also feature Whataburger’s signature orange and white while utilizing corten metal to blend in with Monument’s rustic charm.”

Depending on where you’re coming from in Denver, this could be as short as a 30 minute drive to get the famous Texas-based eateries food. 

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