Colorado’s Most Popular Vehicle is Not a Subaru – So What Is It?

By Shawn Patrick on November 9, 2023
(Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images)

If you drive down I25 or I70 in Colorado and had to guess the most popular vehicle in Colorado, you’d likely guess a Subaru… Those things are everywhere in our state, but you you’d also be wrong! 

Road and Truck determined which vehicle was the most popular in every state by looking at all new car sales, and in Colorado, a pick-up topped all the Subaru’s. 

The Ford F-150 was the most sold vehicle in Colorado. It accounted for 4.1 percent of all vehicle sales during a calendar year.

So the F-150 is the most popular, but then it’s the Toyota RAV4 in second, the Ram 1500/2500/3500/ in third, and finally the Subaru Cross trek in 4th, followed by the Toyota Tacoma in fifth.

This data is all about new vehicle purchases. So maybe that’s why there are so many Subaru’s, they’re all just used? 

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