Colorado’s ‘most expensive’ restaurant is in Denver

By Shawn Patrick on March 12, 2024

Having all the ritzy ski towns in Colorado, I really expected to see the most expensive restaurant in Colorado land in one like Vail or Aspen, but I was wrong. Denver is home to the state’s most expensive restaurant according to LoveFood.

The website revealed the most expensive restaurant in every state basing their picks on the priciest main course or tasting menu, and avoiding spots with just one very expensive dish.

Colorado’s most expensive restaurant is Beckon. Here’s what the website said about the Denver restaurant:

“Colorado has plenty of steakhouses serving wagyu guaranteed to put a dent in your bank balance, but to get the most bang for your buck, Denver locals love Beckon. This tiny reservation-only chef’s counter releases quarterly multi-course tasting menus in concurrence with the lunar phases, bringing the best of Colorado’s seasons to your plate. The Scandi-cool restaurant has just 18 seats, and you can watch the team of chefs craft beautifully presented dishes before your eyes. Prices vary by season, but expect to pay around $180 for an unforgettable dinner.”

Check out the full list of every state’s most expensive restaurant here.

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