Colorado’s Largest Casino Heist in History Happened Weeks Ago

By Big Mic on March 28, 2023
Photo By Big Mic

So they say the house always wins at the casino, but for the Monarch Casino in Black Hawk someone walked away with $500,000!  Problem was they didn’t win it at a slot machine, in fact, they didn’t win it at all, it was a cashier that walked out with it!  It happened on March 12th and while it doesn’t have the sophistication of an Oceans 11 movie, in an interview with 9News, a former head of the Colorado Division of Gaming said that multiple levels of casino controls would have to be circumvented for this theft to occur.

The story did have it’s fair share of twists as the cashier in question, Sabrina Eddy, claims she received a call from someone saying they were the head of Monarch, and instructed her to take the money and deliver it.  The Division of Gaming is investigating the heist as well as what broke down to let it occur in the first place.  Sabrina Eddy remains in the Gilpin County Jail as of this post.



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