Colorado Will Soon Have Another Giant Troll Sculpture

By Shawn Patrick on July 18, 2023
Ashley Simmons, Facebook

You don’t have to be from Colorado to be familiar with the famous Breckenridge Troll. He’s known far and wide, and people travel to Colorado just to hike and se him. Soon though, he won’t be the only Troll in Colorado!

Thomas Dambo, the Breckenridge Troll creator, is in the process of creating another troll. The new Troll will be located in Teller County, but the exact location hasn’t been revealed.

According to Denver7 News, the new Colorado Troll is part of a larger project called “Way of the Bird King.” Dambo is traveling across the country, building 10 trolls and thousands of birdhouses as he goes.

Dambo will be working on the second Colorado troll from July 27 through August 4, 2023. Several local carpenters, volunteers, and about five to eight other team members will be on-site to assist in building the troll. A nonprofit charitable organization called The Gold Camp District Impact Group (gcDIG) is responsible for funding this project. Donations toward the new troll are also being accepted.

Once it’s complete, Dambo will install the troll in an undisclosed location in southern Teller County.

A festival to celebrate the new troll will be held on August 4-5 in Victor, Colorado, near Cripple Creek.

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