Colorado ‘Turkey Lady’ Ruffles Feathers While Helping Birds Cross The Road

By Shawn Patrick on October 11, 2023
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

How did the turkey cross the road? It’s actually not a joke or riddle in Colorado… It crossed the road with the help of the “Turkey Lady!” 

Mary Ann Strauch has been helping turkeys cross the road near her home at York Street and 124th Avenue in Thornton for “quite some time now.” 

However, recently the “turkey lady” got into a dust-up after helping a flock of turkeys when a driver nearly hit her. Strauch says she tapped the back of the person’s car with her turkey-herding stick and that’s when the angry woman got out of the car and called the police.

After both women were cited for disorderly conduct, a City Councilmember says she worked with Strauch to install turkey crossing signs and is hoping traffic will slow down.

Strauch says despite the run-in with the other woman, she’ll continue helping the turkeys cross the road each night to “get home”.

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