Colorado Man Climbs 3-Stories To Help Save Neighbor From Fire

By Shawn Patrick on March 21, 2023
Photo by Universal Images Group via Getty Images

When a fire broke out in an adjacent building in his Colorado Springs apartment complex, Dewey Parker noticed that one of his neighbors needed help. Parker could see that his neighbor, who suffers from asthma, couldn’t get away from the smoke entering the building from the fire next door. “He had an inhaler in his hand, couldn’t even stand up,” Parker says. “Somebody else told the EMTs and they went up, but the door was locked.”

With little regard for his own safety, Parker decided to try and help his neighbor. He scaled up the balconies to the man’s third-floor apartment, let himself in, and opened the door so EMTs could get in to render aid.

Firefighters were returning from a nearby call when the fire was reported, so they were on the scene in less than five minutes and had the fire under control in just a few more. Aside from the man having the asthma attack, no injuries were reported. And thanks to Parker, his neighbor is going to be fine. “I just figured if that was me, I would hope someone would have done the same thing,” Parker says and then adds, “I’m glad I was here and was able to help.”

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