Colorado is the Least Likely State to Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

By Shawn Patrick on October 27, 2023
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Yandy)

If you’re going to a Halloween party this weekend, there’s one thing you’re GUARANTEED to see:  A SEXY costume.  There’s always at least one, even if it’s not the most appropriate setting. However, chances are a little more slim in Colorado than anywhere else. 

The state most likely to dress in revealing Halloween costumes this year is Mississippi.  Get this:  40% of Mississippians say their costume leans on the risqué side.

South Dakota is the second spiciest, followed by Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, and South Carolina.  In all those states, at least 1-in-5 are showing a little skin.

The states LESS into revealing costumes this year are:  Colorado, then Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Maine.  

The most popular sexy costume is:  A sexy Devil.  Other popular ones this year include:  A sexy Barbie, a sexy cat, a sexy Wednesday Addams, a sexy police officer. and a sexy bunny.

For men, the most popular ones include:  Sexy gladiators, sexy cowboys, and Hugh Hefner. 

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