Is Colorado really getting a new water park with the longest slide in the world?

By Shawn Patrick on March 14, 2024
Photo by Muhammed Enes Yildirim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Although details are still a little scarce, and fake social media posts about things like this are common, it sounds like the Denver-area could get a new water park, and if so, the attractions will be top notch.

According to the “Glacier Beach” Facebook page, the park will have 9 innovative and thrilling attractions with each able to seat at least 2 guests, some even up to 6 guests. The park will also always make it so you don’t have to carry a tube around the park, as every ride will have an innovative return system.

The big draw, though? A Guinness World Record breaking slide, dubbed the longest & darkest water slide in the world (pending approval).

The website and Facebook page indicate the park will open in 2024. There wasn’t much activity on their sites since February of 2022, but recently they’ve been teasing a “big announcement” coming, although they didn’t say when. 

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