Colorado Cops Use a Drone to Find a Dog That Had Been Missing for Three Months

By Shawn Patrick on September 15, 2022
Photo credit should read Dmytro Smolienko/ Ukrinform/Future Publishing via Getty Images

When Cripple Creek, Colorado resident Fili Salazar was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019, his wife Taylor adopted a Golden Retriever named Farrah to help the family cope. “We needed something to brighten up our household,” Taylor says. “And she did just that. He was in love with her the minute he saw her.” Fili passed away soon afterward and Farrah was there to comfort the family during the dark time.

Earlier this year, Taylor’s father was driving with Farrah when he had a seizure and crashed his car. The dog ran away from the crash scene and the family wasn’t able to find her. Three months passed and the pup was still missing, but Taylor hadn’t given up on finding Farrah. There had been sightings in the rural area where she’d gone missing, but no one was able to catch her.

A dispatcher from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office had heard about the missing dog and knew they were planning training missions using drones in the area, so they decided to take the opportunity to see if they could find Farrah. Taylor met sheriffs near where Farrah was last spotted, they put out some chicken meat to attract her and soon she came out from hiding. Farrah is back home with her family now. She lost a lot of weight and will need to have a leg amputated, but Taylor is grateful to the Fremont County Sheriffs and happy to have her best friend back again.

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