Coach Prime Got a Ticket From Campus Police the Day Before His Big Showdown with Oregon

By Shawn Patrick on September 22, 2023
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Even though Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, can seemingly do no wrong, campus police didn’t see it that way earlier today (September 22nd). 

The University of Colorado parking police put a citation on his white Lamborghini, which caught the attention of several folks, who know Coach Prime’s car, including Deion Sanders Jr, who posted about it on social media. 

Parking tickets are usually less than $100, so I am assuming Coach Prime will be fine financially, but I am also sure he’ll find a way to use it as fuel to light his team on fire as they travel to Oregon to face the 10th ranked Ducks tomorrow. 

The nationally-televised game is scheduled for a 1:30 p.m. MNT kickoff Saturday on ABC.

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