Check Out the Newly Revealed Avalanche Sweaters Inspired By the Colorado Flag

By Shawn Patrick on October 20, 2022
Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NHL is allowing teams to don a new alternate uniform this season they call “Reverse Retro,” paying tribute to each teams history. The Colorado Avalanche revealed theirs today, and they are SHARP!

The new uniform pays tribute to Colorado by incorporating colors of the Colorado flag while reintroducing the original jersey design donned by Avalanche greats in the 1995 inaugural season.

The Av’s explained each piece of the sweater in more detail like this;

  • Taken directly from the Colorado flag, the “C” boldly stands for the state’s name and is anchored by a prominent gold circle that represents the abundant sunshine in our state. The dominating blue references the beautiful, clear skies enjoyed in our climate. The annual 300 days of sunshine in Colorado allows us to play the great game of hockey year-round.
  • The white body color of the sweater represents the many peaks of snow-capped mountains from which the Avalanche received its name.
  • Similarly, the Avalanche primary logo, which stands tall like a mountain to represent the strength of our brand and the fortitude needed to succeed in the NHL, proudly sits on each shoulder.
  • Much like the Colorado flag, the clean lines and bold colors of the Avalanche’s inaugural sweater from its first season in 1995 make the design easily recognizable and infinitely timeless.
  • The bottom of the jersey features a triangular shape, symbolizing the peaks of the beloved Rocky Mountains.

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