Casa Bonita bartenders now make about $62,000 per year, and they’re hiring some

By Shawn Patrick on March 7, 2024

I know $62,000 a year isn’t what it once was, but to me it’s still a decent wage. Actually it is currently above Colorado’s median wage across all occupations. And you can make it by bartending at the famous Casa Bonita.

When they were just starting to talk about reopening last May, Casa Bonita initially advertised salaries ranging from $14.27 to $15.27 for servers and bartenders, in addition to tips. Right before opening though, they announced they’d be offering a $30 hourly rate to servers and bartenders, but neither will receive tips as part of their wages.

Looking at the career portion of their website now, bartenders are still needed and still being offered $30/hour. Servers are now advertised at $28/hour, but also still listed as open for hiring. 

Simple math says $30/hour full-time is $62,200 a year.

There is no word on what would happen if a costumer offers a tip… Although I’d say just slip that $20 bill into your pocket and add to your $62K a year!

Apply here. 

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