Casa Bonita is Hiring (Cliff Divers Included) – What Do They Pay?

By Shawn Patrick on January 27, 2023
Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We found out awhile back that Casa Bonita will finally reopen in May, and I think we can all agree that with the hype around the famous Mexican restaurant, the lines will be extremely long. Business will not be  a problem! Therefore, you’d think that wages for works would be decent right? Not so fast…

On Thursday, Gov. Jared Polis was part of a social media message, announcing more than 550 job openings. Open positions include managers, servers, bartenders, kitchen staff, cashiers, security and entertainers (cliff divers, the gorilla, etc.).

So what will the jobs pay? Here is a look at wages for a few of the positions:

  • Table attendant: $14.27 before tips
  • Bartender: $15.27 before tips
  • Entertainer (cliff diver): $21-$25

We could discuss the pay for all the positions, but let’s focus on the cliff divers for a sec… This has to be the Super Bowl of cliff diving jobs, right? You’d think these very skilled folks would demand much more than $25 bucks an hour!! In other words, I’d expect to see some lifeguard kid who also happens to dive on the high school team over any sort of Olympic-type pro… LAME!!

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